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Style Over Substance? - How do we measure the size of a club?

Does size matter? I suppose any issue of Cosmopolitan will tell you, yes. But I’m not here to discuss your private lives. The issue of the size of a football club has been discussed and debated forever, but finding a definitive answer isn’t easy, especially as there are some factors which make up the size of a club that are purely subjective. Many modern clubs can claim to be the biggest but their fans would only debate size in regards to a few factors, namely, trophies, attendances, stadium and finances. So, for the benefit of those who think their club is the biggest by virtue of the number of trophies they’ve won, here are the world’s top five trophy winners, in reverse order; Celtic, PĂ©narol and Nacional of Uruguay, Rangers and number one; Al Ahly of Egypt. So, there you have it, no Barcelona, Manchester United or Boca Juniors (and I suppose that top five depends on whether Rangers should be allowed to keep their history after they were liquidated eight years ago, that’s for anothe

Jim Gannon - County's Greatest Ever Servant?

During my formative years following County I used to sit in what was then named the Main Stand, I only have vague recollections of 1989/90, my first season following the mighty County. A 6-0 win over Hartlepool United where Brett Angell scored four goals and a 30-yard belter scored by Malcolm Brown against Rochdale on Boxing Day. However, there is one memory which stands out for two reasons. One, because it shows the more things change, the more they stay the same, and two because I often wonder what the two protagonists would now make of the man they were criticising back then. The memory in question was two older fans bawling at our new signing; “Cannon, you’re bloody useless” came the cry from one “What’s his name? Gammon?!” said the second to no one particular “Crap, that’s what he is” said the first. And on it went. They were, of course, referring to Jim Gannon, who was making the first of his 480 County appearances. As I said, the more things change, the more they stay the same.