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A Cure for Insomnia? Part One: Reviewing February 2021

Hello and welcome to February’s review. Despite the still-smouldering debates which erupted after Jim Gannon’s sacking the team certainly didn’t break stride and the 4-1 win at Woking in Simon Rusk’s first game as County manager, was arguably the best, in terms of the manner of victory, we could have hoped for and we could all now look forward to a mouth-watering clash with fellow challengers Sutton United with much-needed enthusiasm.  Before that though, the National League invited clubs to vote on whether to continue (or conclude) the season. Clubs have 28 days to vote, with Wrexham already stating their intention to abstain as they are not eligible for funding through the Sports Winter Survival Package.  Early indications suggest that the two steps will be treated as separate entities and the National League will continue, whereas the National League North and South may well be declared null and void. Without access to a grant, it’s easy to see why many step two clubs aren’t willing

The End of the Line, part two: Reviewing January 2021

Welcome to part two of the TSBW review of January’s action. Well, we left part one with Jim Gannon’s sacking. The devastating news has taken a while to sink in, since then we have seen more arguments, debates and accusations than an episode of Question Time, but more on Jim Gannon, Simon Rusk and the future later on.  Just 48 hours later, while the dust was still settling and with the debates in full swing the team had to return to some kind of normality (if one can perceive any kind of ‘normal’ these days) with a game against Boreham Wood at EP. Dave Conlon, in temporary charge of the first team, named Ash Palmer and Macauley Southam-Hales in the starting line up but dropped the rapidly improving Ryan Croasdale, as County set up with a back three.  Boreham Wood, impressive in their double dismantling of County last season, went on to make the play offs and rightly deserved to be named among the favourites to repeat the feat this season. County, with all the turmoil of the previous tw